La Sagesse Tour

La Sagesse Tour

3 Hrs
130 USD / person

Leaving our base at Point Saline we journey through the village of Calliste and connect with the Grand Anse Valley Road. We travel along the Eastern Main Road then detour into Ft. Jeudy to see the beautiful vistas and commanding views that lead the French to erect a fort at that site in 1771.

We then continue along the Eastern Main Road traversing many quaint farming villages before arriving at the historical La Sagesse Coastal area. The Peoples Revolution is deeply rooted in the history of this beach. In 1975 local residents lead by Comrade Maurice Bishop stood at the gate, tried and convicted Lord Brownlow, cousin to Queen Elizabeth, for illegally erecting a gate and blocking access to their lovely La Sagesse beach. They broke down the gate and took back the beach. We’ll enjoy some chilled coconuts before heading back to base via the scenic fishing village of Woburn.

Drivers must have a valid Driver’s license and be 25 years or older. Local Driver’s license will be issued. More info
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