Terms of Service

What you should wear or bring:

· Dress appropriately for weather which is always in the 80s rain or shine. Long sleeve is best.
· Swim suits for tours to waterfall and beach.
· Wear comfortable walking shoes. Water shoes are best suited.
· There is always the possibility of getting dusty, dirty, wet, or muddy. Wear clothes that can get dirty.
· Camera to capture the fun. Sun block and insect repellent strongly advised
· Each driver must have their driver’s license. Adults who do not present their driver’s license are restricted to being a passenger.
· We will provide helmets which must be worn at all times while driving.

Payment, Cancellation, and Tour Change Policies:

· We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, Cash, and Traveler's Checks.
· Payment must be made in full at the time of reservation.
· Our published tour prices include vehicle, gas, helmets and for the full day tours lunch.
· CARICOM nationals presenting their territory issued valid driver’s license will be given a 30% discount. This offer cannot be combined with complimentary renter driver’s permit. Must book via e-mail or phone.
· CARICOM corporate groups will be given 35% discount. This offer cannot be combined with complimentary renter driver’s permit. Must book via e-mail or phone.
· You have up to 96 hours before your scheduled tour departure time to cancel and receive a full refund or change your reservation without penalty.
  o 72 hours you will be refunded 75%
  o 48 hours you will be refunded 50%
  o 24 hours are non-refundable. This means next-day and same-day reservations are non-refundable.

· All tour renters must agree to immediately pay the deductible of USD1500.00 per UTV on a valid credit card in the event of damages (cost of the damage if less than the deductible) by signing a delayed transaction form
· Drivers are responsible for the first USD1500.00 of damages after which Sun Hunters’ comprehensive insurance kicks in.
· A Liability wavier releasing the tour company and tour operator is included in our tour rental agreement and must be accepted to participate in the tour.
· Parties wishing to split payment: Payment must still be made in full at the time of reservation.
· In the event that Sun Hunters’ cancels your tour, a full refund will be given.
· Sun Hunters’ Cancellations due to inclement weather will be rescheduled or a voucher given for a future tour.
· Cancellations due to National Advisory are non-refundable but rescheduled where possible.
· Our cancellation and tour change policies apply to all tour vouchers from outside booking agents, gift certificates, promotional offers, and coupons.

Pick-up and Check-in Policies:

· Please be present at your designated pickup location at least 5 minutes before your scheduled pickup time. Our tours run on a schedule; the shuttle will wait 5 minutes after your scheduled pick- up and then leave if you are not present.
· We are under no obligation to refund or reschedule any party that does not show up or is late for their pick-up or tour check-in.
· All guests agree to be tracked by GPS and they may be videotaped while on tour for commercial and security reasons


· To rent our Dune Buggies/ Polaris UTV, you must be 25 years old.
· To drive accompanied by renter you must be 21 years old and have a valid driver’s license.
· All drivers must have and show a valid Driver’s License.
· A complimentary Grenada Driver’s License will be issued to the renter based on your foreign Driver’s License.
· Anyone under 21 years old, or anyone without a valid Driver’s License will be restricted to the passenger seat in our Dune Buggy/Polaris UTV.
· Unlicensed and unauthorized drivers will not be covered by our insurance and will be responsible for the full extent of damages to our vehicles, property and persons.
· Passengers must be 16 years or older.
· Groups are eight (8) or more persons. Maximum group size accommodated per tour is twenty (20) persons. Complimentary driver license will not be issued to groups.
· Groups and persons wish to use their CARICOM discount must book via phone or e-mail.
· Dune Buggy/ Polaris UTV tours are not recommended for anyone with neck or back issues or for women who are pregnant. Consult a doctor before booking a tour.

Tour Departures:

· To participate in our tours you must accept the risks of driving a Dune Buggy/ Polaris UTV by signing our “Release Liability” Form You must listen closely to the safety lecture given by your guide, and you must follow any instruction given by the guide.
· You must demonstrate safe driving skills and never exceed the speed limits. You must never drive ahead of the lead tour guide.

Zero Tolerance Policy:

· At any point during your tour, if the guides feel that you are operating your Dune Buggy/ Polaris UTV in an unsafe or reckless manner, they have full authority to end your tour without a refund. Any vehicle can be very dangerous if they are operated unsafely and incorrectly.
· You are responsible for the safe return of your vehicle, key and helmet.
· Our tours are scenic, never high speed or "mudding". While we have to navigate some rough and muddy trails, we are NOT high speed or "mudding" tours.
· We are operating vehicles on public roads so ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION IS NOT ALLOWED on our tours.

All Dune Buggy tours depart Rain or Shine!